Krista and Raydon

Krista and Raydon were married October 22, 2011. What a fabulous wedding, in a fabulous setting. The whole wedding took place at Krista’s family run resort. Sandy Lane Resort in Halls Lake, ON. What a perfect spot! From the accommodations, to the setting, to the banquet hall. It was gorgeous. The couple, who I grew up with, only started dating after moving from our home town after high school. They connected in Burlington and the rest is history.

4 thoughts on “Krista and Raydon

  1. Wonderful Pics!! — Wish we could have been there — Come and visit in St Vincent whenever you can –Open invitation — just say when — All the best — Love from Uncle Don and BJ

  2. It looked so amazing. I am sorry we missed it. Krista and Raydon, you guys look absoultely radiant. Krista, you looked lovely in that beautiful dress. I like the black and white picture and the picture with all your sisters. Raydon, you and Krista make a gorgious couple. Congratulations. I cannot wait to see the whole album and if there is video. It looks like you had a faboulus wedding, Congratulations. Sheela, David and Shelaney. xoxoxox

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